Orlando Forum of Fear Attraction

A haunt for the haunters!

I had the incredible opportunity to team up with Halloween Horror Nights legends Patrick Braillard and Kim Gromoll to bring an all-new haunted attraction to Orlando's International Drive area. Not only did I provide branding for the two experiences offered, I also provided VFX content and various video collateral to elevate the guest experience.

A commercial I shot and edited for the Tunnel of the Damned experience:

A three-episode viral marketing campaign leading up to the opening:

An immersive LED window facade for The Dark Seance dinner experience:

And lastly, who doesn't love a little food photography? Shot for The Dark Seance dinner experience:

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Okay, but believe it though.

Cover and layout design for Ripley's Undoubtedly Odd hardcover book.
Full concept, cover and layout design for Ripley's Odd Is Art coffee table book.


The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

I'm so proud of the work I've done with the NGLCC and their work for equality in America. Below, you'll find the various show looks I've designed for NGLCC's 2018 2018 National Dinner, as well as their 2018/2019 Expos:

*all images approved for use by NGLCC, the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

There was even a "Shark Tank"-esque gameshow where a living, animated shark tank set the tone for presenters:

*tank seascape animated by Ricky Johnson

Here are a few of my wild in-process show look ideas from the drawing board of NGLCC's 2019 Tampa Expo:

And lastly, I storyboarded and oversaw the production of an inspiring three-screen experience for the introduction of the conference.

Orlando Weekly

My love for print media.

In my years as Creative Director for Orlando Weekly (and even a few following), I've loved every minute I've spent working in print media. There's something about watching your work impact an entire city, and move mountains politically, that makes me come alive as a creator. I also rebranded the magazine itself, and they are still using my logo to this day.

And a few fun promo photos from Best of Orlando 2014 and 2019. These were all shot on green screen with backgrounds composited.

Theatrical Branding

My design career started on the stage.

I actually began my design career in Orlando by branding various theatrical products I would be a part of. Word spread, and I tapped into a niche market that eventually led to my work with the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival!

Hawaii Performing Arts Center

Hawaii Performing Arts Center's 2020 High Season animated branding.

Stage Design

Is this your next event?

A few pie-in-the-sky stage concepts I've created for potential use in various events and expos.

Florida Department of Health

And now for something a little different...

I had to put this at the end of my portfolio: this video was the one time I tried stop-motion animation, and it was for a safe-sex promotion for the Florida Department of Health. My hands smelled like banana lubricant for four days. Enjoy!

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